Of giraffes and owls

This summer my nephew, John, is getting married and he and Katelyn asked if I could make their wedding cake topper. Katelyn loves giraffes and owls and so that was the starting place and from their bits of their life were incorporated.

…and so it begins
...and so it begins

pieces & parts
Pieces & parts

hazard prevention
Hazard Prevention

giraffe in the wild
Giraffe in the wild

John’s owl
John Owl

Katelyn’s owl
Katelyn Owl

…it’s coming together
Coming Together

..and it’s done!
Finished Wedding Cake Topper    Finished Wedding Cake Topper

Katelyn’s Owl
Katelyn Owl  Katelyn Owl







John’s Owl
John Owl  John Owl

Giraffe  Giraffe

This was a fun project and it turned out better than even I expected.

To see other commissions I have worked on, check out the commissions page on the ArtHead Studio website.  What’s the most interesting wedding cake topper you have ever seen?

One response to “Of giraffes and owls

  1. Brenda Morrison

    The next time i get married i want you to make my cake topper!

    ….peace. Brenda


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